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Botter Design

Alright, elasticknights here (feel free to friend me!). I have a graphic design/Photoshop hobby. (I work with Adobe Photoshop CS2.) It seems I've developed some useful skills over the years which other people acknowledge with appreciation. So, I have this lovely community to post my graphics/resources in.


I try and upload my resources to a couple of sites (usually Megaupload, Sendspace, and zSHARE) so everyone can download from somewhere that works best for them. If you NEED me to upload to another site, just ask nicely and I will certainly do so as soon as I can. As for RE-uploading to sites, I will usually only do this if requested. I love Megaupload because the downloads never expire. I know a lot of people don't like MU though.


01. Please don't take icons I've made for my personal journal (the ones loaded into my userpics). I made those for myself.

02. Please don't distribute credit to yourself or anyone else for graphics/resources I've made. That hurts my feelings D:

03. That in mind, I do not require credit, unless stated otherwise (ex. if I post a mood theme I would probably ask for credit, because it is so time-consuming to make those). Credit makes me feel happy, but I don't like asking for it. Should you choose to credit me, credit to elasticknights would be mondo swell.

04. My whore of a best friend, meetviolent abandoned our love child graphics community. Please don't contact her or acknowledge her existence in any way. I'm just kidding. But she really did abandon our child!


Here's the dealio with these... I do take requests. I have issues being creative on demand, however. So if you want a specific icon made and I just can't seem to get it to work, I'm sorry T.T There is no harm in asking, though!

What can you request?

>>profile layouts
>>friends only banners
>>tutorials (for things you've seen in my graphics)
>>user info graphics
>>forum signatures
>>something else you think of that I haven't

(It doesn't have to be specific to Livejournal as long as it's something I am able to make--layouts for other websites might be a problem.)

Do so here.

Feel free to link to botterdesign. You can use this:

And lastly, What the fuck is Botter?

Answer: I was talking with meetviolent one day and I started to type "book" but thought "Harry Potter." LMFAO.